MC Intramurals


 Intramural sports and casual recreation through club sports are also an extension of the educational process at Maryville College. About two-thirds of all students participate in varsity athletics, club sports, or intramurals at Maryville. Independent teams vie for championships in flag football, soccer, table tennis, while club sports sponsor outside competition in equestrian, dance team, and ultimate Frisbee.

Opportunities are also readily available for pick-up games and individual workouts in our modern Cooper Athletic Center.
Our intramural sports that we conducted in the Fall of 2013 were Sand Volleyball and Dodgeball.
The upcoming intramural events for the Spring of 2014 are Wiffle Ball, Kickball, 5 on 5 Basketball, and Softball.

You can now sign up to play Maryville College Intramurals online!
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  Intramural Whiffleball Photos HERE



Men’s Dodgeball League Champions:

Thirsty Thurstons, led by Team Captain: Dakota Jenkins




Women’s Dodgeball League Champions:
Marshall Builders Inc. Team Captain: Lydia Fuson





Sand Volleyball League Champions:







Intramurals Mission Statement

The Maryville College Intramurals program encourages personal growth and community through healthy, fun, and friendly competition.


Intramural Eligibility & Injury Information

Currently enrolled/employed Maryville students, faculty, staff are eligible to compete in the Maryville College Intramural Program unless they have been ejected from a contest for disciplinary reasons and have not been reinstated by an Intramural Coordinator.

Each participant accepts the full risk and responsibility for any injuries they may incur through normal activity. Any medical treatment required will be administered through each participant’s personal insurance policy. It is advised that all participants obtain a physical examination, attain a level of physical conditioning, and be aware of their level of exhaustion and the correlation to greater chance of injury.

All injuries should be documented on an injury report form by your team captain and turned in to one of the Intramural Coordinators at the time of the accident.

Team captains are responsible for ensuring that all players on both teams are eligible, and for reporting ineligibility to officials and to the Intramural Coordinators prior to an event.

Teams that compete with ineligible players may have all previous games played with ineligible players retroactively forfeited.

The Coordinator of Intramurals, in collaboration with the Director of Intramurals of the particular activity, reserves the right to make eligibility decisions not specifically covered herein.

Intramural Rules

Maryville intramurals provides fun, recreational, social and competitive on-campus and off-campus sports activities for the college community during three different seasons. Rules are enforced for each activity, and detailed descriptions will be available at each event. These rules are subject to modification as situations dictate, in order to ensure the well being of all participants.

Rules of Conduct are the responsibility of each participant and spectator, and are enforced by the officials. Standards of sportsmanship will not allow any of the following:

  • No alcoholic beverages shall be present or consumed during activities
  • Any form of unnecessary roughness, or physical responses by anyone
  • Verbal abuse of the official in a profane manner
  • Overall misconduct on the part of anyone attending an activity

Violation of rules may result in immediate removal from the activity, and may also warrant the submission of a written report by the Official to an Intramural Coordinator. Reports will be reviewed by the Intramural Council and college administration to determine whether additional disciplinary action is necessary, beyond suspension from participation in Intramural activities.

Teams that violate rules or demonstrate poor sportsmanship will have points deducted from their standings in Intramural competition. Captains and teammates are encouraged to help each other maintain control of emotions.

Forfeits will be recorded if a team or individual fails to show for play at the scheduled time. If the captain of a team notifies an Intramural Coordinator or the Director of Intramurals 24 hours prior to play, a default will be issued and play rescheduled at a later date. Two defaults will be allowed each season by any team and then deferment to forfeit language will be used to maintain the schedule of events.

Protests of judgment calls by officials will not be allowed. If a rule interpretation, use of an ineligible player or cheating is discovered, a written report must be turned in by the team captain right after the event. If a dispute occurs, the Intramural Coordinator or Intramural Director will respond immediately to minimize any delay in play, and avoid the necessity of filing a report.

Guidelines for Intramural Captains 

Note: Captain's meetings will be held Sundays at 8:00 pm in the Honaker room of Cooper Athletic Center.

  1. All Team Rosters must have 2 to 4 more members above what the required number to play in a contest are listed. Example: 6 people are required for Ultimate Frisbee, so a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 will be on a completed Team Roster.
  2. Team Rosters must be completed and signed by the captain prior to the deadline announced. A hard copy may be turned in at the Intramural Office in the Cooper Athletic Center or the Student Involvement office, room 223 Bartlett Hall.
  3. Team Captains are required to sign and turn in the Team Captains Agreement Form to the Intramural Office in the Cooper Athletic Center
  4. The Team Captain is responsible to check the Tournament Schedule of Events for their team and make sure enough participants will be available. Make sure they arrive at the site prior to start, as games will start on time.
  5. A team may compete with one less participant than required for a complete team. Example: 6 people are required for Soccer, but a game may be started and played with only 5.
  6. Teams that require 2 – 4 players must have a complete team to begin and finish the game.
  7. Forfeits will be given when one, or both teams do not show up for a scheduled team event.
  8. Team Captains are required to know the rules of play and must convey them to their teammates. UNSPORTSMANSHIP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Intramural Cup Points Information


In order to encourage students, faculty, staff, and other organizations to join in the fun, the Intramurals Program has adopted a point system that allows for the awarding of an Intramurals Cup Champion as well as Residence Hall Cup Champions at the end of each academic year. The point system provides more incentive for individuals and groups to participate in the Intramurals Program by keeping the thrill of competition within its limits and placing a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and having fun through participation.


Intramural Cup Points will be awarded for activities in the Fall, J-Term, and Spring semesters of an academic year. Individuals must register as a residence hall, either as a floor team or a hall team, to be considered for the Residence Hall Cup Champions. The number of points awarded to an individual or residence hall team will be dependent upon the performance in the activity, forfeits, sportsmanship, and attendance at meetings.

A Champion will be declared in the Individual Champion and Residence Hall divisions. For a team to receive points as a residence hall you must be currently live in that residence hall for the academic year.

Points System

  • Register team and forms in on time = 25 points
  • Captain a team = 50 points
  • Participation in a team game = 10 points if your team loses and 50 points if your team wins
  • Good sportsmanship = 10, 25, 50 points (awarded at discretion of Intramurals staff)
  • Forfeit game = loss of 25 points
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct = loss of points at discretion of Intramural staff
  • Team Events: First Place = 75 points Second Place = 50 points Third Place = 25 points Fourth Place = 15 points
  • Individual Events: First Place = 75 points Second Place = 50 points Third Place = 25 points Fourth Place = 15 points

*Only one team/individual receives points for attending Captains Meeting.
*Teams/individuals must play at least one game to receive registration points.
*Unsportsmanlike conduct will be determined based upon the sportsmanship guidelines.