Dr. Ken Bell
Dr. Ken Bell
Sport(s): Athletic Training
Year Inducted: 2006

This year’s “Special” Inductee is Dr. Ken Bell. The special category is reserved for those individuals that greatly contributed to the success of MC Athletics, but are not Maryville College graduates. Would Dr. Bell please join me at the podium.


Because of his dedicated service to hundreds of MC student-athletes, we salute Dr. Ken Bell as our final member of the class of 2006.



Dr. Bell is a native of Oak Ridge and a graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. He attended medical school at the University of Tennessee at Memphis and completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery in Memphis.



When he and his wife Patty decided to return to east Tennessee to raise their family they were very familiar with the Maryville community.


Ken’s grandfather, Arthur, attended the MC preparatory school in 1905-06. Ken’s father, Bill graduated from MC in 1940.  Fortunately for the college, it was a natural choice for Dr. Bell to offer his services to our student-athletes as the team physician.


When most people think of a team physician, they think of preseason physicals or a doctor coming to the aide of an injured athlete on the field.  Dr. Bell has served admirably in that role but it is his vision of what sports medicine should be that has guided our sports medicine program to its level of excellence.


When our coaches bring a  recruit to MC, they always bring the athlete by the athletic training facility to brag about the quality of care that our athletes receive.

This is a testament to the guidance of Dr. Ken Bell.


Just by his association with our program, other medical professionals are willing to lend their expertise to our athletes. When an athlete needs specialized care that is outside of Dr Bell’s expertise, he is on the phone bringing the areas best to our athletes.  He is always available to our players-many times meeting them at the emergency room late at night, or guiding our athletic trainers over the phone while they work on them during contests away from home.


His friend and partner in crime, Joe Black has this to say about Ken:  Quietly and consistently, Dr. Ken Bell has been the backbone for sports medicine in this community for 25 years.   He is far too humble to “blow his own horn,” but he is, without a doubt, one of the country’s best Sports Orthopedists.    If he were to lecture and/or write, everyone would know him.   Instead, he chooses to take care of local athletes, providing a level of care and expertise that they can get in very few places, certainly not in communities this size.”


Dr. Bell has literally helped hundreds of our athletes return to the playing field or courts (and many of our coaches and their families too). It is a common occurrence at our ballgames for former players to stop by and say hi to Doc Bell and thank him for taking such good care of them-many coming back to him when they are injured after graduation.  The reason is simple-they received the best care available from one of the finest team physicians in the country.


One of Ken’s most valuable assets is that he understands what athletes are going through because he is an athlete himself. He still competes in triathlons, marathons, and bike races.


In the Frantic Frog Triathlon race in September of this year, he not only finished 2nd in his age group but also beat his daughter-in-law (former MC soccer player Gill Casey Bell) and 2 of his sons (Andy and Phil) to be named the Bell family champion. He is pictured here being chased to the finish line by the next generation of Bell family athletes-grandson Willey.


Dr Bell’s contributions to the college don’t end in athletics.


Dr. Bell also lends his services to our Mountain Challenge program as the medical director.


Ken and Patty are very involved in the community. The two of them have been active and taken leadership roles in the city schools and Blount County Young Life.

Their son Andy graduated from Maryville College in 1999. They also have three other sons, Tim, Chris, and Phil.


Thank You Dr. Ken Bell for 24 years of outstanding service to Maryville College and its athletic department.